About the Compensation Scheme for entry quarantine expenses

Enterprises that have incurred expenses in connection with providing travel quarantine for foreign employees or contractors, are eligible to apply for a grant to cover these expenses. Travel quarantine spent in a quarantine hotel following the public quarantine hotel scheme is not covered by this scheme.

The scheme is managed by the Brønnøysund Register Center.

How long will the scheme last?

Enterprises can apply for grants for the period from 1 November 2020 to 30 June 2021, with support being calculated for periods of two months at a time.

The deadline for applications for the compensation scheme to cover expenses in connection with travel quarantine was 31 October 2021. It is therefore no longer possible to apply for compensation.

Who is behind the scheme?

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries has tasked the Brønnøysund Register Centre with developing and administering the grant scheme.

It has been working closely with many stakeholders in order to get the new compensation scheme up and running quickly. The Norwegian Tax Administration, the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency, the Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants and Accounting Norway have all contributed.

Checks prior to payment

The solution has an integrated accuracy assessment system to verify the identity of the applicant and the subsidy amount against various register data and through cross checks. All approved applications will undergo an evaluation of seriousness before payments are made. If the checks uncover any discrepancies, the application may be processed manually and undergo an extra evaluation.

Checks performed after payment

This scheme is based on a credibility assessment and checks being carried out before the grant is disbursed. After an application has been received, a number of checks are performed to verify the information that was provided in connection with the grant application. The grant authorities check the information against information obtained from a wide variety of sources and registries.

Checks following payment

In addition to checks and cross-checks during the application process, checks can also be carried out retrospectively in order to uncover any misuse of the grant scheme. Checks will also be carried out against registry information, including the receipt of other government grants and income safeguards in connection with the coronavirus pandemic for the same period, even if such support was not known at the time the application was submitted to the compensation scheme.


The Brønnøysund Register Centre may impose sanctions if an enterprise receiving a grant provides inaccurate or incomplete information.

You can see who is receiving support

Enterprises that have received grants via the compensation scheme will be announced after their application has been approved.
Information about the enterprise and the amount awarded will be searchable. The audit or accountancy firms that verified the information in the applications will also be stated.

You can see who has received grants here (only in Norwegian).