Added costs

The deadline for applications for the compensation scheme to cover expenses in connection with travel quarantine was 31 October 2021. It is therefore no longer possible to apply for compensation.

The following costs can be included in applications:

A grant may be sought for a proportion of the added costs incurred by the enterprise in providing suitable accommodation for workers or contractors in entry quarantine.

‘Added costs’ means costs which:

1 – are directly linked to the implementation of entry quarantine:

That the costs are ‘directly linked to the implementation of entry quarantine’ means that the scheme covers costs relating to the practical implementation of the quarantine.

This could for example be:

  • rental of suitable accommodation
  • subsistence costs 
  • costs linked to testing during the quarantine period
  • salary costs linked to increased administration or cleaning

Indirect losses resulting from the quarantine rules, such as lost production, are not covered. Salary costs for workers or contractors in entry quarantine are also not covered.

2 – exceed the costs that the enterprise would normally have incurred as a result of the use of foreign or other visiting labour

Under no circumstances must costs attributable to the use of labour from abroad be included in the added costs. This means, for example, that costs attributable to board and lodging for workers or contractors who are not in quarantine and/or ordinary costs linked to transport cannot be included.

3 – follow directly from changes made by the enterprise in order to comply with the entry quarantine provisions stipulated in the Infection Control Act or provisions issued pursuant to the Infection Control Act

This means that changes have been made in order to comply with the formal provisions for which compensation is to be paid. The costs must be directly linked to compliance with these provisions.

Depreciation linked to the upgrading of temporary facilities which has been carried out in order to comply with authority requirements regarding accommodation (e.g. requirements regarding single occupancy rooms, private bathrooms, etc.) and which can be accrued within the grant period may be counted as added costs.

For each individual cost, you must decide whether the cost in its entirety would qualify for a grant, or whether it needs to be adjusted. For example, you can only enter the component of the cost that is attributable to the period for which you are applying for a grant. 

Before applying, you must prepare a statement which supports the figures and calculations which form the basis for your application.

  • Prepare a summary of the enterprise’s added costs attributable to entry quarantine during the period for which you are seeking a grant.
  • Find contracts and invoices so that you have an overview of costs and where these are documented.
  • If the enterprise has incurred added costs linked to upgrades carried out in order to comply with authority requirements regarding accommodation (e.g. requirements regarding single occupancy rooms, private bathroom, etc.), you must draw up a list of the depreciation for the grant period. 

Example list of added costs

Added costs that the enterprise has incurred during this period (e.g. November and December 2020)

Type merkostnaderAmountExplanation for the itemReference
Rent for quarantine premises40 000Itemised added costs for rent – rental of accommodation linked to entry quarantine, accrued for the grant periodVoucher 23
Contents insurance for the premises2 000Invoice from the insurance company, accrued for the appropriate grant periodVoucher 48
Internet access on the quarantine premises2 500Added costs in accordance with invoice from internet service provider, accrued for the grant periodVoucher 103
Catering for workers in entry quarantine11 000Invoices from the catering company for the grant period concernedVoucher 123, 133 og 189
Depreciation – upgrading of temporary facilities5 000List of costs for upgrading of temporary facilities, depreciation rate and periodVoucher 190
Salary costs/fees for cleaners for premises used for entry quarantine3 000Invoice from cleaning agency corrected for costs that would have been incurred regardless of entry quarantineVoucher 203
Total added costs63 500