Submit a new application or appeal a decision

Altering information when your enterprise has had an application approved

You need to submit a new application if you become aware of an error or missing information in a submitted application. This also applies after the deadline for applications is passed, and you have received too much grant.

Who cannot submit a new application/amend information?

  • Anyone who wishes to withdraw their application and repay the full grant amount
  • Anyone who wishes to amend the amounts, but will not be able to use the form because the conditions for applying are no longer met
  • Anyone who wishes to change the responsible enterprise in a group

In such cases, you must notify us using our contact form. We will then contact you.


What can you appeal against?

You should appeal if you believe we have calculated the grant itself incorrectly based on the information you submitted, or alternatively if you believe we have based our calculation on other facts which are incorrect, or if you believe we have made a procedural error.

If you submitted the application after the deadline, or for some other reason there are no decisions for the specific period, any appeals will be rejected.  

How to appeal against a decision