Obtain documentation from foreign supplier confirming that they have fulfilled the relevant reporting obligations concerning their employees

The deadline for applications for the compensation scheme to cover expenses in connection with travel quarantine was 31 October 2021. It is therefore no longer possible to apply for compensation.

Foreign suppliers/contractors who employ persons whose entry quarantine costs you havecovered must obtain a summary of workers they have included in reports concerning relevant assignments during the grant period.

How the supplier/contractor can easily download the report on workers

The supplier/contractor can download the summary from the Assignment and Employee Register (Oppdrags- og arbeidsforholdsregisteret).

The summary indicates whether the worker has an active identity number and a valid ID‑ check. The summary can be downloaded as a CSV‑ file. The supplier can see which assignments each worker has worked on and create a printer-friendly report as confirmation. This can be printed or saved as a PDF file if you are using the latest version of the browser.

Access to the Assignment and Employee Register

To gain access to the Assignment and Employee Register, you must log in using an electronic ID. To see what information has been reported to the register, you must have read access to the RF-1199/RF-1198 service in Altinn for the organisation number that is registered for the assignment. These accesses are granted in Altinn.