Obtain documentation from Norwegian supplier confirming that they have fulfilled the relevant reporting obligations concerning their employees

The deadline for applications for the compensation scheme to cover expenses in connection with travel quarantine was 31 October 2021. It is therefore no longer possible to apply for compensation.

Norwegian suppliers/contractors who employ persons whose entry quarantine costs you have covered must order the “arbeidsforhold” (employment circumstances) report from NAV’s access service for employers. In this report, you will find documentation confirming that the employment circumstances have been reported via the a-melding.

How the supplier/contractor can easily download the “arbeidsforhold” report

Subcontractors can log into NAV’s access service: “Min side – Arbeidsgiver” (My page – Employer) and download the employment report from there.


Alternatively, they can contact the NAV State Register of Employers and Employees on e-mail nav.registerforvaltning@nav.no, or phone 40 00 57 70 (9am – 3pm). Here, they can order a summary of all their employees and have it sent to them by post. Please note that orders placed by phone can take a little while to process.

Gaining access to the access service concerning employment

To gain access to NAV’s access service for employers, you must have been granted the necessary Altinn access rights. The Altinn administrator within an enterprise is often the general manager, but other people can also perform this role.

Access to the access service for employment circumstances reported via the a-melding is automatically given to:

  • general manager/managing director/CEO
  • chair of the board
  • owner of sole proprietorship
  • partner in general partnership (ANS and DA)
  • controlling shipowner
  • the administrator for a bankruptcy estate (does not include the bankrupt enterprise) and other estates
  • general partner (national ID number only)
  • Norwegian representative of a foreign entity

It is also possible to be granted the right Access to the NAV State Register of Employers and Employees for employers (Aa-registeret for arbeidsgivere)