The meanings of the various terms

The deadline for applications for the compensation scheme to cover expenses in connection with travel quarantine was 31 October 2021. It is therefore no longer possible to apply for compensation.

The meanings of the most important terms linked to the scheme are explained below.

Grant period
The period concerning which an enterprise can apply for a grant. The grant periods are as follows:

Grant period 1: November – December 2020
Grant period 2: January – February 2021
Grant period 3: March – April 2021

Award date

The date on which the awarding body approves the grant award.

Grant amount

The amount that the grant recipient is entitled to receive in accordance with the decision by the awarding body.

Added cost for entry quarantine

Costs in excess of normal costs incurred by an enterprise during the grant period, which are linked to entry quarantine.

Added costs are costs which:

  • Exceed the costs that the enterprise would normally have incurred as a result of the use of foreign or other visiting labour.
  • Follow directly from changes made by the enterprise in order to comply with the entry quarantine provisions stipulated in the Infection Control Act or provisions issued pursuant to the Infection Control Act.

Indirect losses resulting from the quarantine rules, such as lost production, are not covered. Salary costs for workers or contractors in entry quarantine are also not covered.

Daily rate

The amount that a grant recipient receives per day for an employee or contractor in entry quarantine. A grant recipient can receive a maximum of NOK 1,000 per day per employee or contractor. However, the grant cannot exceed the grant recipient’s added costs.

Quarantine days

The sum of the number of days for which a grant is awarded.

Quarantine period

The period during which employees and contractors for whom a grant is sought have been in entry quarantine. Specified as a ‘from date’ and ‘to date’ inclusive. A person may have more than one quarantine period during the same grant period.

Number of persons

The total number of employees and contractors for whom a grant is sought.


A natural person who works for a salary or other remuneration either in the service of another party or otherwise. «In the service of another party or otherwise» means employees or freelancers as defined in the Norwegian National Insurance Act (folketrygdloven).


A natural person who is an employee of an enterprise other than the grant recipient, but who performs work or assignments for the grant recipient in accordance with an agreement.

Self-employed persons as defined in Section 1-10 of the National Insurance Act who do not have employees are also considered to be contractors.

Quarantine accommodation

The address that a person stays at during their quarantine period.

Verified by

Auditor or public accountant who confirms information provided in an application.

Refund amount

The amount that the applicant will be refunded in connection with the cost of verification.

Grant number

The grant number is the grant’s identifier from the Brønnøysund Register Centre’s case processing system.

The enterprise is part of a group

A group must either apply collectively for the group, or the group members must apply separately. It is not possible to combine these two alternatives within a grant period. The responsible enterprise in the group is stated in the application.

Responsible enterprise in a group

The enterprise within the group that is responsible for providing information on the group’s ownership structure and other information submitted by the group.

A responsible enterprise must be stated if:

  • A group collectively applies for a grant
  • An enterprise which is applying for a grant is part of a group


Two or more legal entities which in real terms comprise a single entity because the parent company has a controlling influence over one or more subsidiaries.